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Shanghai Apparel Fabrics 2022

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Obtain the GRS certificate

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Shanghai Apparel Fabrics 2022

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How to Sew a Zipper in 6 Steps

Learning how to sew a zipper allows you to install strong and reliable closures on a range of sewing projects. For new seamsters, learning how to sew a zipper can be intimidating, but it’s a must-know skill for many projects. Zippers are useful fasteners for a range of garments, including dresses, jackets, and pants, as well as […]

How To: Fix a Stuck Zipper

When things just won’t budge, getting unstuck is easier than you think. The zipper is a staple in daily life, keeping everything from jeans and jackets to duffel bags and lunch boxes closed tight. Still, for all its simple utility, nearly everyone has experienced the frustration of a fastener that just won’t budge. Occasionally, an edge […]