What is a zipper?

  1. What is a zipper?

Used 2 pieces zipper side belt connecting and slider make it pull open and closed repeatable and so on accessories.

  1. What type of zipper?

Open-end zipper,closed-end zipper.movable open-end zipper

  1. What is closed-end zipper ?

When the zipper is open,two sides of the tooth chain can not completely separated.

  1. What is open-end zipper?

When the zipper is open, two sides of the tooth chain can be completely separated.

  1. What is horizontal pull strength?

Under specified conditions press in chain teeth and cloth belt extreme forces applied laterally.

  1. What is horizontal open-end pull strength?

Crosswise press in chain teeth open-end,it pulls away the ultimate force that destroys the open.

  1. What is socket move location strength?

Remove the socket from the chain with the ultimate force of the longitudinal pull off the damage.

  1. What is pull-together slip?

Under specified conditions maximum force in the zipper process.

  1. What is slider,zipper pulls binding force?

Pull the pull tab from the vertical direction of the pull head body ultimate force of destruction.

  1. What is load pulling?

Under the prescribed lateral and longitudinal tension, the zipper is repeated in reciprocating motion, and the number of times it can withstand.

  1. What is the code of the zipper industry standard currently implemented in China?

Metal zipper:QB/T2171-2001 Plastic zipper:QB/T2172-2001 Nylon zipper:QB/T2173-2001

  1. What does BS3084 refer to?

UK zipper standard.

  1. What does ASTM 2061refer to?

American Society for Testing and Materials zipper standards.

  1. What does ASTM DIN 3419refer to?

German zipper standard.

  1. Why does the dye contain banned azo not meet environmental requirements?

Some colors in disperse dyes contain banned azo ingredients, and dyeing zippers are in contact with the human body to induce certain diseases and are therefore unsafe.

  1. What is the basis for determining chromatic aberration?

National standard, GB/T250 GB/251

  1. Under what environmental conditions are chromatic aberration grades identified?

Identify the chromatic aberration grade in the color bin of a standard light source.

  1. What are the types of light sources commonly used in the world?

D65、CWF、TL84 etc。

  1. What is color fastness?

Color fastness after zipper dyeing.

  1. What are the main types of color fastness used in zipper inspection?

Friction color fastness and wash color fastness.

  1. Why does the contact between the zipper and PU, PVC and other materials produce color shifting?

The dye molecules in the zipper diffuse to the PU and PVC fabrics under the action of plasticizers in PU and PVC, resulting in color shifting.

  1. Why are zipper shifts and color fastness differences different?

There is a standard method for the fastness of the zipper color to be tested, and the zipper is in contact with pure cotton.

  1. Why do you require the client to provide sample?

Zipper manufacturing: such as chain blank,puller,up and down stop,open tail parts of the color. All need to be compare with the real sample, too small real sample in the operation will not be color,so generally not less than 10cm/square.

  1. What part of zipper is easy to hurt people body?

⑴The metal stop part position of zipper

⑵The large burr in the shape of the pull head is not removed

⑶A pieces of chain tooth or tail that has not been found due to mold damage.

  1. What is the difference between cloth glue and transparent glue?

Cloth glue and transparent glue material is not the same, so its performance on temperature is not the same, cloth glue is good, transparent glue is poor, especially at -40 degrees Celsius transparent glue is split and cloth glue has no effect, and friction and performance, cloth glue should be firm.

  1. Why is the adhesive part easy to tear or take off?

The lateral junction between the adhesive and the cannula is easy to tear due to the stress concentration during insertion and removal.

  1. What are the advantages of zipper wavy cloth tape?

The cloth belt is sewn on clothes, which can be sewn smoothly and can not be arched.

  1. What is the main cause of zipper belly?

The main reason is that the size of the chain teeth and the inner cavity of the pull head do not match, specifically:

  • The width of the upper teeth of the chain teeth does not match the width of the inner cavity of the pull head;

⑵The thickness of the tooth chain is not enough, or the wide size of the chain tooth pull head is too large, and the inner cavity of the pull head is not properly separated and closed.

  1. Is the zipper as light as possible?

The light slip index of the zipper should first meet the important indicators such as the load pulling of the zipper, the strength and so on, and the moderate light slip is welcomed by the user, rather than the lighter the lightness, the better.

30.How many waterproof zipper products?

There are general people use waterproof zipper,industrial waterproof zipper and air tight,water tight zipper.